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the gang say......

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WE WERE ROBBED!!!!!! can't believe we had so many bad and unfair calls against us. if we had lost fair and square we would be upset but would know we lost becasue steelers where better players. BUT TO LOOSE THIS WAY
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We were rooting for the Seahawks too....unfortunately they made a bunch of mistakes.....

Ruby was scared when we whooped and hollared when they were doing well.

She had forgotten how much whooping and hollaring we used to do when we lived in Bassachuetts when the Patriots used to win all the time.


yes we did make a lot of mistakes and maybe we wouldn't have won and that would have been ok with me dissapointed but ok. But the calls that we soooo unfair are what make me mad. our touch down that was taken away you can't call a penalty against one side and not the other and the other side should have had a penalty called against them. (even the announcers at half time say it should have been a touch down) the touch down the steelers were given was not a touch down you can clearly see he tucked the ball under him as he fell and then put it across the goal line. then the 15 yard penalty agains hassleback( because we werer to close to the goal line ) turned out not to be a pentalty but damage already done.
makes you wonder how much the referees where paid for all thier one sided calls!!

yes Ryboi got upset too with all the yelling in the house both good and bad. maddie sleeps through anything.
Congrats to the Steelers, but...

I agree with you dogcrazy. I hate to see a game so influenced by bad officiating. I think it had a huge impact on the outcome of this game. I know these calls happen in every game, some even in our favor, but this was the SuperBowl! We might have ended up losing anyway, but we'll never know. It hurts so much more when it happens this way. I don't want to sound like a poor loser, but I am BITTER over this one!! :mad:
Well this was the first one where the "bad officiating" went the Steelers way. I'm not saying there weren't mistakes, but I think people, including the the sports analysts, are making more of the bad calls. I can see two, the Rothlesberger touchdown, which there was not indisputable evidence that it was not a TD, and the holding. Either way, the Seahawks made huge mistakes the whole time, including horrible clock management at the ends of the halves.

There were wrongs calls that went against the Steelers throughout the rest of the playoffs, especially against the Colts.

I'm as much for good officiating at games, I really think that people are making more of the bad calls than there is.

At least people aren't saying that the game was fixed. That's one thing that made me mad about the PIT/IND game. People kept saying the refs wanted Indianapolis to win.
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