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The fork in the road (hall)

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Little Ruby was in the fork in the road (hall) was close to impossible to get around her to the left, without hanging on to the wall......

I swear she does it on purpose!


Janice and little Ruby

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LOL mine do the same thing... always in the middle of the road where all the action is :rolleyes:
Funny. Look at those little legs.
Elmer and Button stretch out on the long rug in front of my kitchen sink. And since my kitchen is galley style, the whole time I'm trying to fix meals, I'm stepping over fat bassets. I guess it's the best vantage point to catch kitchen droppings . . . . They won't even move if I open the fridge against their butts!


Ruby is adorable! What a doll.
My kitchen is galley too, which is difficult because in my two other homes, I had gigantic ones.

Anyway, when Ruby is laying sideways in the kitchen and I'm trying to cook and hubby is getting something out of the frig; I shoo them both away saying it's a "one butt kitchen around here".

:p :lol: :p

Otherwise it's too crowded. tee hee

This is so familiar. Mr. Runcible loves sitting in the door opening
between the kitchen and the living room when I am cooking, that
way he can supervise what's going on in both rooms without
moving an inch. And move he does not, so when it time to make
dinner it's time to start the hurdle run.

When it comes to being comfortable Mr. Runcible has no regards
for other people. As the time I was so insolent that I actually fell
asleep on his couch (yes, he has his own downstairs) I woke up
with 100 punds on my chest. After all it was _his_ couch.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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