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I tried to get pictures of Bo playing with the ferret, but that thing is too quick, so I wrote a poem :? . It's so funny, and entertaining to watch. they really like each other...When I finally put the ferret in it's cage, they both acted so disappointed.

The Ferret and the Basset Hound

I find myself the keeper of a
ferret, I'm telling you it's true
who runs all around my house all day
shaped much like an inverted 'U'

Bo tries his best to 'catch him'
but the ferret is far too fast...
he'll give him the 'slip', then watch him
as he's still sniffing where he saw him last!

chattering, the ferret calls him to him
and Bo, tail wagging, playfully pounces
But the weasel has outsmarted him
...he can easily hide all 7 of his ounces

But what a smell that ferret has!
an untamed kind of musk, it's wild
and Bo is so busy tracking it
he's going to be busy for awhile!

Sandy 2006
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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