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Ok ...I finally have one for the argument against them. I have always recommended doggie doors as it was life-changing for us. The dogs come and go as they please. No trips home mid-day for walks, etc. It's all good.

Until this morning. Probably the worst dog experience to date.

Ten minutes before I had to walk out the door this morning, I was putting on makeup and doing hair. I heard some kind of melee in the living room but that's not unusual first thing in the morning. After a minute or so, Dixie comes sliding around the corner and stops and stares at me. Then takes off back to the living room. One more repeat trip, except with a whine. Tattle tale ... So I had to go see what was up.

Belly had a dead bird. In the living room. He had one paw on it and was chewing on the head. Crunching. I screamed. And screamed. He wouldn't stop and took off with the ...torso? ...into the dining room. Screaming, I followed and grabbed his tail. He dropped it.

When I started screaming (top of lungs) I noticed Ms. Dixie hunching down. When I looked at this point, she was on her back. ??? So I had to worry for a few seconds ...and then back to the bird. I grabbed the rug in the entryway and threw it over the bird.

I went after Belly, who smelled to high heaven. Got him, checked him. He's fine. Back to check Dixie and get rid of bird.

Dixie is now ON THE RUG!! On the bird. Feet stretched out behind her, tail wagging.

I just started crying and 911'd my husband at work. He gave instructions, which I guess I needed, and we got things under control. I did find more feathers when I got home for lunch but I'm not going to persue that. I will save this for Steve when he gets home.

Monday. :!: :x :x :x
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