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The dangers of living in Florida

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So last weekend we had a puppy welcoming party with some friends. There was about 8 people in the back yard playing with Bessi and Smili. They were off of their leashes happy as can be. I warned everyone to be carefull as the pups like to play in the sand (In FL we do not really have dirt, but sand) by the lake in the back yard. Now I must preface for those of you in the midwest a FL "Lake" is really no more than a small man made pond that you could almost throw a rock across to the other side. Sure enough they bolted toward the lake, which is really no big issue other than the fact that you are going to get sandy trying to chase them. We caught them and carried them back to the grass.......Just then I turned around and looked at the lake (Not really sure why I did, just a feeling I guess). About 4 feet from the edge of the lake I saw something surface......Yes an alligator! He was only about 4 ft long so he was not an adult, but none the less, he scared the poop out of me. I yelled "Bassets do NOT taste like Chicken" as I hurried them into the house.

Now nearly every day I see that darn gator swimming close to the edge of the lake. I have to be carefull walking the pups now as he is obviously watching them.
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Oh yeah! When we lived in Florida back in the late nineties the first thing we learned was that any ,I said, any(Foghorn Leghorn,again) body of water, no matter how small, could, have a gator in it. This little guy was probably chased out of a bigger hole by a bigger gator. Don't think for one second he won't come out of that water after her if you are standing there with her on a leash. Stay away from the water,far ,far, away.
I have heard stories that they will actually come up to the door if they see something that they want. Those little buggers can and will also climb fences.

I no longer walk them in the back yard.
I was trying to convince my husband to move to more. This is kind of scary!
It really is not that bad....We moved to this house in 2004 when the community was first built. We saw lots of gators then as we border a preserve area. Since then only about one a year. I usually just call animal care and control and make up a story about seeing them going after a small pet and they come and scoop them up. Problem with this one is that he is not big enough......YET.

Honestly, I would move back to Chicago if it were not for my job and my son was just accepted into the 7th rated high school in the country.

Florida is nice, but it gets old quick!
Do these things come out of the water day and night??? Next question -- do they stay in the back yard or will they make their way to the front which would be some distance from the water. .

My wife nearly ran over a 9' gator comming home from the grocery store one night, but that is rare. I just heard a new report that one got into someone's house through a doggie door. The young lady that lived in the house came back from a night of partying to open her bathroom door to a hissing gator. That will sober you up right quick!

I am tempted to move to Alaska so I do not have to contend with Mosquitos, snakes or gators.....just the occasional moose!
Quick Gator update...

The booger is now lying 6" from the edge of the lake. Bessi and Smili are not allowed within 100' of the lake. When the pups were safe inside, I went out to have a word with said gator....I told him that he was not fooling anyone...He replied that he is only a harmless log! Yea right!!

Can't wait for winter to come and those darn things go into hibernation!
my first thought was to call animal control, but you said he's too small, or something? why? how? what...? tell them he tried to eat your puppies! they should come out there and go throw him in a different lake or something LOL

I have already done that on 3 other occassions.....I think that they are getting tired of me! I have not seen the little booger for 3 days now. We have 3 lakes that are intraconnected so he could be looking for dinner elsewhere....I hope!
Just the other day I saw a family with a 2 yr old out by the lake standing in the water. I ran out of the house like a crazy man to warn them about the gator. They all looked at me like I was Jack Nicholson from The Shining! I said that they needed to be carefull b/c the gator hangs out very close to the edge. Thank god they took the baby in, but then they must have taken that as an invitation for a photo op as they had about 10 people out there walking in the water looking for him.

As Forest Gump would say, "Stupid is as stupid does!"
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