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The dangers of living in Florida

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So last weekend we had a puppy welcoming party with some friends. There was about 8 people in the back yard playing with Bessi and Smili. They were off of their leashes happy as can be. I warned everyone to be carefull as the pups like to play in the sand (In FL we do not really have dirt, but sand) by the lake in the back yard. Now I must preface for those of you in the midwest a FL "Lake" is really no more than a small man made pond that you could almost throw a rock across to the other side. Sure enough they bolted toward the lake, which is really no big issue other than the fact that you are going to get sandy trying to chase them. We caught them and carried them back to the grass.......Just then I turned around and looked at the lake (Not really sure why I did, just a feeling I guess). About 4 feet from the edge of the lake I saw something surface......Yes an alligator! He was only about 4 ft long so he was not an adult, but none the less, he scared the poop out of me. I yelled "Bassets do NOT taste like Chicken" as I hurried them into the house.

Now nearly every day I see that darn gator swimming close to the edge of the lake. I have to be carefull walking the pups now as he is obviously watching them.
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That's a cool sounding backyard, none that i've ever known is like that. well, and we are in an apt, so the "backyard" is the balcony.

BUT, scary. Bessie & Smili-- glad you gals are ok.

Yes, we know there's lotsa gators in Florida. When my person visited Florida as a kid, she saw ~20 of them in various places, including in the underpass of a freeway.
When I lived in St. Pete, I wouldn't let them get close to water. They found an old gator that had died, and it's stomach was full of little dog tags. Mostly the size of poodles, but a basset would look like a feast.
yikes! sounds like a scary doggie ghost story to me... Worm

ps. Bessie & Smili.... pleeeez beeeee careful, ok?????
i saw this on youtube : ( the man is talking about his 50 lb dog getting caught by a gator...

Has anyone read this comic strip "Pearls Before Swine?"
We like it 'cause the animals are so cuuute.

anyways, Bessi's dad, your situations reminds me of the Crocodiles in this comic strip that are always trying to get the Zebra (unsuccessfully). Here's a sample below.

Google Images

and here's the Wiki description of the column:
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