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I had a German Shepherd who we never even thought to crate...ever. We owned a big travel-crate, but that was just for driving. After her, we took in a rescue dog and the oranization was a huge proporter of crates, so we gave it a try. We now have Maggie, our Basset. She slept in an open closet at her last house, leashed up. She was very unhappy with this system at our house and we are hesitant to let her be loose at night, as she is a bit of a chewer and would undoubtedly go on the furniture, where she is not allowed. So we started crating her at night and playing some Lorie Line at bedtime. Bingo. Worked like a charm. I also remove the door during the day and she goes in and out as she pleases. It's a good place for her to go to get some quiet time away from our troop of kids. :)
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