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I never crated trained Mattie. Mattie never went into one. Sometimes I wish I did, but I only had minor things to come home to clean up, thank goodness!!
Since I didn't crated train Mattie as a puppy, I would get up about every 2 to 3 hours and let her out at night. Still 4 years later, I can get up once to twice a night to let her out to go to the bathroom. I am a light sleeper so I know every move she makes during the night, and I know when she walks around it is time for her to go out. The longest time Mattie is lefted in the house alone is around 5 hours. And she does fine now. If it is longer then that then Mattie's grandma comes and sees her or she goes to Grandma's house.
Mattie still to this day has accidents in the house, sometimes I think it is just because she is mad because we left her. As a puppy, they were just normal potty training accidents (i have had to scrub the floor before). I got child proof locks for pantry and some cabinets cause Mattie would get into them as a puppy and help herself. We came home one day to Vegatable Oil all over the kitchen floor. But the child proof locks solved that problem.
Most of the time when my husband and I are gone Mattie sleeps. Cause both couchs are very well laid in when we get home. I am glad we did not have to crate train Mattie!! I don't have anything against it, I just did not want it for Mattie!!
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