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First some very sad news, the mother of the cheese litter,
White Dynamit's Explosiva Beata - or Bea in short, just died.
She got cancer and nothing could be done. She was such a beautiful dog.

She may be gone - but she left a lot of beautiful puppies behind.

I'm not sure if you remember the names from the litter, here they are:

White Dynamit's Runar Roqufort
White Dynamit's Morgan Mascarpone
White Dynamit's Rolf Ricotto
White Dynamit's Stuure Stilton
White Dynamit's Charlie Chevres
White Dynamit's Meja Mozzarella
White Dynamit's Henny Havarti
White Dynamit's Eli Edamer
White Dynamit's Paula Parmensan
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