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The boys out in the rain, chasing squirrels

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It was raining pretty hard, so I looked out back to see how much I was getting. I found Dozer with his front legs up on a tree looking at a squirrel, and Dudley sitting on the deck. By the time I got the camera ready, Dozer was eating WORMS.

I thought he was drinking the rain water off the cement, but then I could see the worms dissapear. Well they both came in soaking wet. You can see how slick Dozer's back is.

The rain storm:

Dozer eating worms:


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Wow suprised that your dogs go out in the rain. My 2 hate it. I remember about 3 years back on my last work day before the school year started we had major rain and massive flooding. Even after being cooped up my Lily (didn't have Gibbs at the time) flat out REFUSED to go outside at all until the next day. I know that can't be healthy for her to hold it for 20+ hours. Now I have to shove them out the door and hope they leave the deck before doing their business.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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