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This letter on a web page amused me... I would have spoken to the man as soon as I had set eyes on his Basset!! :D

By Monica Collins
GateHouse News Service
Posted Jun 04, 2010 @ 08:30 AM

Dear Dog Lady,

Every morning, I walk my dog Smallfry (he’s a terrier mix) at a large public park area where there are lots of other people and their dogs. As you might imagine, I recognize the dogs more than the people, but I have noticed this very nice-looking man with a Basset hound. The sight of these two always puts me in a good mood. The man is tall and the dog is saggy. They make quite a couple. For me, there’s nothing sexier than a man with his dog.

I’m recently divorced and would love to make new friends. Should I introduce myself?
-- Treena

Dear Treena,

Introduce yourself to man via dog. A suggested opening line: “My, what a handsome hound. Do you mind if I give him a little treat?” Carry a freeze-dried liver chunk for just such a purpose. The dog, at least, will love you forever. The man may not be so enamored, but you can always hope he feels the warmth of a friendly first impression.

The best approach to people is through their dogs – especially in the morning when defenses are down. Dogs can be stalking horses into human relationships. They are an empathy barometer. Smallfry leads, and your heart follows.
-- Dog lady
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