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That was then, this is now...

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found this old pic of Bo (Mr Tubbs) on Washington Basset Rescue. I can't believe how thin he was. Now he's such a big healthy boy, with a round belly that loves to get rubs.

:) :

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you can see in his eyes how much better he feels!
He looks 100% better! I love a happy ending :)
He looks healthier & happier now. :)
You're right ec, his eyes do look like he's not worried about anything (except maybe what his next treat might be ;) ). Good job, Sandy!
That's the first thing I noticed .. his eyes! They were so dead looking then and now so full of life and joy.

Thanks Lynne & Sandy!! Great job!
what a great job
you should be very proud of yourself
Wow, what a DRASTIC difference in his appearance! I too notice his eyes. He looks full of life now!
He looks healthy and happy :)
It's hard for me to understand how people can live with a neglected animal right in front of them.Something is definitely missing. The pictures say it all- kudos to you and Lynn for saving him.
What a difference a bit of TLC can make. That second pic just speaks volumes.
aww!!! Bless you! Look at that boy... you can tell how much happier AND healthier he is now...

Thank God for people like you and rescue organizations!
Good job!!! two thumbs up.
Bless you and good job! yvonne
Congratulations, you did wonders with that little ragamuffin! He looks terrific, full of peace of mind!
Gosh...I can't believe the change in him since you've brought him home. It is amazing to see it so black and white so to speak. It just goes to show you what a impact good people make on things.
It is wonderful to see what your love has done for your pup. This thread sent me looking for pics of Sebi when I got him, to compare to what he looks like now. Like Bo,you can hardly recognise him. Kudos and drool to you for such a good job on such a lovely dog.
Bo doesn't look like my Dudley (other than they are both tricolors), but the before/after pics are just the same. Those pics really took me back. Dudley was not ready to trust me (or anyone) when I first got him, but with time, love, and security, he's a whole 'nother dog!

Thank you very much!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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