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Thanks, Mike for Dremel info.

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Thanks, Mike for posting on "How to Dremel a Dog's Nails" on the thread "Is There a Better Way?" When we got Bubba, he had been shown as a pup, and was used to the Dremel so no problems, and we just easily buzzed his nails off.
Bogie, however, is another story. He's scared of the Dremel noise, so it was nice to read her procedure of how to get a dog used to the noise. We've been running it, but he pants, starts trotting, and heads to another room and paces when he hears the noise. Same way with the vacuum cleaner. Thankfully he is OK with clipping of the nails, but we know they will get tougher and harder to clip as he gets older.
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Maybe this works well for a dog properly introduced to a Dremel, but I can only imagine what my blind Maggie would do if she heard that high speed whine approaching her feet...which she is already sensitive about!
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