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So no flowers or clothes or jewelery, but a bissell shampooer is what I have to ask for for my birthday this year.

Not for Wilson, that boy is so well trained (THANKS first mom), he goes on his "squat squat" command in one spot in the yard. You have no idea what a nice feature that is on a basset hound model.

However, his untrained girlfriend Mica (dalmation/black lab) has all but ruined my year old carpet in my hallway when she comes to visit (which is way too often because since her mommy left, and daddy works shiftwork she comes to play with Wilson on most weekends) I get her feeling grass under her feet and praise like crazy, however at home she is allowed to go in a CARPETED GARAGE.

Go figure she is 10 months old and confused. SIGH, some people just shouldn't have dogs.

Just Susan, Wilson is happy she comes over to play
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