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Texas Puppy Mill Bill

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The Texas puppy mill bill has passed the house and is moving on to the senate.

House OKs 'puppy mill bill'

Thompson's bill would require the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation to license and regulate dog and cat breeders and dealers with 11 or more breeding females.

The bill would require these large-scale breeders to provide adequate space to allow the animal to "comfortably stand, sit, turn around and lie down in a natural position" and would prohibit the stacking of cages so feces and urine wouldn't fall onto animals in lower cages. It also would require at least one annual veterinary exam for each breeding animal.

The bill would require the licensing and regulation department to establish eligibility rules for licenses, to conduct criminal background checks on applicants and to annually inspect each licensed breeding facility.
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11 or more breeding females
another so called puppy mill law that will have a sever negative effect on hobby breeders as well.

If animal welfare were the true concern tha such a law should apply to every one certain one should not expect the general public to be able subject a dog to worse condition than a puppymill. The purpose of such legislation becomes clear when the single out breed and as the sole citeria to require super ordinarly conditions. The purpose of such legislation is a to eliminate breeding by slowly makeing it impossible to do. Once breeding is ended in 1 or two dog generation pet ownership evaporates as well.
Yes how dare we require hobby breeders to feed their dogs once a day, let them exercise and socialize, take them to the vet once a YEAR, and give them access to fresh water. What a terrible inconvenience.
The bill was signed into law last week:
The new law applies to large-scale cat and dog breeders who maintain 11 or more female breeding animals and sell twenty or more animals per year.

HB 1451 requires that breeders be inspected and that enclosures have adequate drainage, are made out of safe materials and have adequate space for animals to comfortably stand, sit, turn around and lie down in a natural position.
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