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Terrible incident of abuse

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This is just terrible. I saw this on my evening news and actually broke down as they showed a picture of the poor Rottie with the trap on his head. It was so horrible I had to turn my head away and change channels. The story did not have a happy ending. It just goes to show that there are some sick individuals walking amongst us. I hope they catch this person, but if not I like to think at some point they will know what it's like to suffer too.
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:( thats just horrible! That man is giona be busted. he would not like if we did that to them!
Too bad the dog had to suffer for the owner's negligence.
I heard the owner interviewed on the local radio today. She admitted they shouldn't have let the dog loose. The reality is that while her husband was clearing the driveway the dog had wandered approx. 20 yards away when it came running back with the trap. The dog was trained not to stray from the yard, but that's easier said than done when there is raw meat enticing the nose. Yes, that's right the trap was baited with raw meat. They have yet to find the culprit, but I hear this individual has been "blogging" about the incident more or less saying he did it on purpose (as if there was any question).
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