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Pearly is getting her teeth cleaned today and I would ask you to keep her in your thoughts. It really needed to be done but I hate the fact that she has to have anesthesia. She has never let me brush her teeth and NEVER chews her food so her breath was getting bad. All her lab work is good but I still worry. She may even have to stay the night. Thanks

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She will be fine. Just recently I have both henrietta and winston have their teeth clean. I dropped them off in the morning at 7:30 am and picked them back up at 5:30 pm.
Boy....I tell you $600 each is worth it! Their breath doesn't smell bad anymore!
Also the vet can tell you if there is any other problem around their mouth/gum, which is good to know.

Perhaps after the cleaning, she will need something soft to eat, so avoid giving her the dry dog food for 2-3 days. May be Frosty Paws is a good idea! :) Belly Rub for her.
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