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Teeth Cleaning By Vet

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I was just wondering if anyone has ever had to have their dog's teeth cleaned while under?

We have an appointment with the vet on Monday to set a date to have it done. We have never had a dog with such tartar on their teeth and the vet is anxious to have it removed. We feel very good about it since his specialty is animal denistry and even clean the animals teeth at the St. Louis Zoo.

What we were wondering is what your dog felt like once they got home and what kind of diet they had to eat since I am sure their teeth and gums are very sore.

We are very nervous about the whole ordeal but will be glad once Annie has her gleaming teeth and smile back!

Thanks for any input you might have!!!!

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I took Bogie to get it done over the summer because has was having significant build up on ONE tooth, and brushing wasn't cutting it. I had my choice of which anesthetic to chose, and I chose the more expensive one that has less side effects. I took him to the vet first thing in the morning, without being fed breakfast, but he could eat anythign the night before. When I got home, he was acting perfectly normal, just hungry. He scarfed down his food and went on with his evening as if nothing at happened. And the vet gave me a before and after picture of his mouth! Once it was removed, I brushed his teeth more often, concentrating on the one side of his mouth, and he hasn't had severe build up since. So once the tartar is gone, start brushing!
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