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Opps, ok, this is going to make me look bad and perhaps irresponsible but not irresponsible enough to now not ask.

Basil is my first hound and dog and, excuse perhaps the obvious but, how nescessary is it to brush dogs teeth? Reason i ask is that as i have had such a large time between having a dog some 25 years ago and then Basil last October, ownership does seem to have moved on loads. Back then fleas n things could be a right royal nuisance, these days they can be barely unknown which is great. So, does one HAVE to brush a dogs teeth or should one brush the teeth? If it has to be done then i too would be interested in the frrquency so i can get that happening.

Does seem initially a bit odd that they drink water, eat meaty things and/or biscuit food, treats are teeth friendly and any sweets are sugar free and simple so are they really at much risk of tooth damage? Granted any brushing must be better than no brushing but am now wondering how imperative it should be as i want to do the right things for the lil guy.

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