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Hamilton's consult with the new doctor went okay. He has to go back in two weeks to have his surgery to remove the pins. This will be his second surgery since July. He is still having a lot of pain from the pins in his leg. Hopefully, removing the pins will make him be pain
free. He may always walk with a limp though. We'll no more on his progress after he's had his 2nd surgery and the orthopedic surgeon can look at the condition / healing progress of his bones. They are hopeful that he will make almost a full recovery. We're hoping that Hamilton will be available for adoption in a few months and maybe even find his forever home by the new year. He's a great boy and was a real trooper during his orthopedic exam.

Please Help Hammy!!

Hammy really wants to THANK all of you who have donated to his surgery and all the Get Well messages he has received. We are almost at our goal :)

Please X-post this message.

Dave Lewis
Vice President / Webmaster
New England Basset Hound Rescue, Inc.
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