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Taking Sadie to the vet

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I think Sadie has a UTI, she has been up half the night wanting to go outside. When I let her out she paces the yard squatting all over the place but just peeing a dribble each time. One time I didn't let her out in time and she went on the kitchen floor and it looks like she has some blood in her urine as well. I hate to have to take her in for an after hours call on a Holiday, I'm sure they are going to charge me an arm and a leg but I can't let it go on like this until tomorrow morning for her sake and mine. I was able to get a small amount of urine to take in for a sample. A friend of mine had a dog that often got UTI's and her vet told her to follow her with a ladle and put it under her when she was going to collect a sample. So at one point she settled downed for a short nap and as soon as he woke up I took her out on the leash and once she started to squat I put the ladle under her and got a small amount to bring in for a sample. We are going to a vet I haven’t been to before, we have 3 vets in town but she was the only one taking after hour calls today. I have wanted to switch vets due to the whole mess with Maxwell and his neutering gone bad so I guess this will give me a chance to see what I think of this one.
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Were back from the vet, boy those after hour holiday calls are not cheap but I couldn't make her suffer. She did have a UTI. It was a female vet and she was nice, she seemed to be familiar with Bassets, which was good. She said Bassets are prone to bladder stones so she did a test for crystals in Sadie's urine, which would indicate bladder stones. She said there were no crystals but lots of bacteria and red blood cells. So she started her on an antibiotic and said I should notice a difference within 48 hours or less and if I didn't to bring her back because she may need a different antibiotic but she said the one she was giving her usually takes care of it.
Smart thinking to take her today. Did they kill you financially? Our local veterinary ER absolutely ruins you on holiday visits. The first New Year's eve that I had Francis we spent in the ER (in fact it was Millennium) cost me almost double the usual.[/b]
The after hours call, testing and meds was $157, put a nice dent in my wallet.
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