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I have been lost from this forum for quite some time now, but for those who may remember from the pictures we still have our Copper (not that there is another option) and all is well... his skin and coat are great now his smelling and shedding have disappeared. In fact Copper is such a happy boy these days that he has developed another painful problem. He wags his tail so hard that he has injured the tip. I first noticed this about two months ago, I saw a minimal amount of blood painted across the wall way down low. It took me forever to figure out where it had come from until I was brushing Copper and noticed the end if his tail seemed swollen. He doesn't seem to be in any pain but maybe it's just because he's so well natured that he doesn't mind me touching even if it does hurt. It seemed to have healed although i have been still waiting for the slight swelling to go away. today we had company and he did it again. How can I get him to stop wagging ong enough to heal completely? has this happened to anyone else's dog? i feel so bad for him what can i do for him?


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