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Swollen red eyes

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Hello everyone. Our basset hound Benny recently started getting increasingly droopy red conjunctivitis. Initially our vet prescribed us some antibiotic and steroid eye drops but it didn't really seem to make things better. At first it appeared to get worse when he was outside so we thought it might be allergies. Benadryl does appear to help a little bit. We have also tried eye wash and lubricating eye drops which he hates. It does appear to affect one eye more than another. Our vet mentioned surgical intervention. We just want to do what's best for him. Any advice or experience from others is appreciated.


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Needless to say, and I don't do 'eyes' which are too precious to just leave and hope, looking at that photo I'd be finding a specialist vet, one who deals in eyes. At my previous vet practice, one there did that and it was helpful to have one who knew a thing or two about eyes, specifically.

I'd do this before this goes to glaucoma and he loses the eye. Poor boy.

ps Have you spoken to his breeder for advice?
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