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Surgery for Layla tomorrow

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We're taking Layla in for surgery tomorrow. She has this small growth on her foot that has grown and she has groomed to an open sore in the last 5 days. Hopefully it is nothing serious like cancer. Poor Rosco is going to be beside himself without his big sister around; I'm going to probably have a hard time falling asleep without her next to me. We'd appreciate any positive thoughts!
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Annie and I send healing thoughts and prayers for Layla! And for you and Rosco as well!
Any word on the outcome of the surgery? Have been thinking of you today.
Maxwell and Hannah are sending howls for quick recovery. Hope everything went well for Layla!!
Hope everything went well and Layla recovers quickly!!
Wishing you a speedy recovery, Layla!
I hope things went well with the surgery. Keep us posted on how she is doing.
Ok, the surgery went well. The biggest concern from the vet was that the removal would not leave enough skin behind to heal completely without either grafting or having significant scar tissue, but she said that wasn't as big of a problem as she thought. Layla got to come home tonight and she is currently sacked out on the couch. She hates the cone of shame but will need to wear it as she really wants to work over her bandaged foot. She gets 2 weeks of antibiotics and a good bit of pain killers as well.

Thanks everyone for the thoughts, we'll keep you posted as time marches on.
Great news
Glad to hear all went well. Do you know yet whether the growth was cancer or not?
We haven't heard back yet on the lab results for the growth. Today she was much better, wanting to tear around like usual. I feel a lot better knowing she doesn't have the growth anymore, and hope it isn't cancer. She's young, only a little over 2 years old now, but you never know. Thanks again for all the positive thoughts and prayers!
Best wishes for a speedy recovery and clear pathology report!
Well, we finally heard back on Layla's pathology report. The initial report tested positive for cancer but they couldn't differentiate between mass cell (bad) or histiocystoma (not as bad). So, we pay for more tests and worry at least until we hear back on it.
FWIW Mast cell is not necessarily bad. If it is grade 2 or less with clear margins over 90% cure rate simply with surgery if the margins are not clear high 80 low 90's with surgery and radiation. Having both lost a dog and a survivior of this cancer I have some familurarity with it.
I'm sending good vibes to your lovely Layla and hope the outcome for her will be good news! xx
Good news, Layla's tumor was a hystiocytoma, which are generally not life-threatening and don't need much beyond the surgical removal. Whew!
Yay! Terrific news, thanks for the update.
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