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Sung to the tune of I'm a little Teacup

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I'm a pretty basset, short and cute,
Squeeze me too hard and I'll poot!

Servent mommy gives me treats when pout,
Alpha daddy does too as he's got the clout.

(I know....if I had a day job, you'd be saying, "don't give it up!!"

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not bad...maybe we can start something here. hmmmm:

I'm a little basset
I can pout
begging for food is
what I'm about

When I get all worked up
then I shout
Take me for a walk
take me out!

Anyone else? :D

Sandy ( I also have too much time on my hands)
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I'm a sinky basset
Hear me toot
I like cookies
I eat poop

When I get all cleaned up
I will pout
I will yell and I will whine
I will be even dirtier next time

i know it doesn't fit the tea pot song very well, but it fits my puppy perfectly, hehe this was fun :D
I'm a sexy houndie
Look at me
Come stroke my belly,
Give me treats

I'd like to eat your dinner
throw it my way
'Cause If you don't
I'm gonna steal it anyway

(Ya, it doesn't entirely fit the tune either, but hey, a writer I am NOT! Add me to the list of those who have way too much time on their hands! :) )
My chosen medium is the limerick.


A Basset there was, from Nantucket,
Who kept all of her bones in a Bucket.
When, horrors! One day,
Someone stole them away!
Damned luck! thought the basset, Just F---it. :evil:

(Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week. :roll: )
You all are waaaay more prolific than me! Glad I started this silly thread tho.

Betsy! :shock:

The mental image I had of you as a classy broad has diminished somewhat...

Sandy :D
At least I didn't write about pooting. :wink: :D

ETA, now that I think about it, though, more words rhyme with that than with Nantucket. ;)
Here is Chloe's contribution:

I'm a big fat Basset
short and stout.
Here is my tail,
Here is my snout.

When I get real hungry
Hear me shout:
Tip the bag ov'r and
pour it out!

(Actually, she has a ghost writer, me. I don't get paid much -- you can probably guess why. :roll: Colleen)
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Ok, let's try another limerick;

There once was a hound called a basset
whose nose some considered an asset
but with food on the table
his slaves were unable
to resist those sad eyes and not pass it.

You guys are soooo good! :lol:

I'm afraid my english isn't good enough for joining the party :cry:
Steinar, your English is much better than our Norwegian! The language of basset is universal, eh? :lol:
I am a basset with big fat feet
Everyone thinks that I am real sweet
But when they're not lookin'
I steal what they're cookin'
And then they don't give me no treats!
Haiku anyone? (5-7-5 syllables)

I just love my dad
I follow him round the house
I'm his velcro girl.

Janet 'n Twinkie
my contribution

I'm a grumpy basset see me pout
when i get mad I scrunch my snout
It makes me mad when I dont get my way
But its not like that ever happens anyway
There once was a man from Wiscasset
Who had one incredible asset
It hung low, it was long......
now don't get me wrong.....
I am speaking of course, of his Basset!
You are all very talented but I love the limmericks :D Unfortunately I can't rhyme. So trying to channel Oliver...

I can grab a nap
to dream of the one uncaught
darn that fast rabbit.

LA and Oliver
Oh boy, you all are really GOOD!!

Don't worry Steinar, my English isn't that good either. You aren't alone.
But may be my hubby can help. He has Polish blood in him, just like weird Al Yankovich, he can change any song to any theme! It's the Polish gene. :lol:
YES !!!! Limericks... my favorite

There once was a basset named Bruno
Who said there is one thing I do know
That sleeping is fine
And petting devine
But food.... is Numero Uno !
Or Haiku.................

I lie belly-up
In the sunshine, happier than
You ever will be
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