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I came across this article and thought I would share. Things are really starting to warm up in AZ so I was worried about my boys getting sunburned. During the week it's not really an issue because our yard is shaded in the late afternoon/evening but when we are home on the weekends they love to lay in the sun. Poor 'lil Chuck's belly was looking a little pink yesterday.

Do Dogs Get Sunburns? - Associated Content from Yahoo! -
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Harley actually has had tumors on the exposed skin on his eyelids that's most likely caused by exposure to sunlight. So there is another reason to protect them from getting too much sun. Anabelle loves to lay out in the sunlight. I think it warms up her old bones and makes her feel better than she would otherwise.
I checked the Petco & Petsmart websites and didn't find anything but does have some pet sunscreen products.
Oh, poor Harley...maybe I should purchase the doggie sunglasses that someone gave a link to last week too!
Thanks for the info Chuck's mom...! live in a sunny state here too, and I figure if if cataracts and skin cancer's a problem for humans, could be a problem for the little guys too who are smaller than us... i am definitely getting sunglasses :cool: for Worm, as he always sits in the intense sun coming through the glass. (greenhouse effect... very strong sun....)
Check Athletic pets for baseball style hats with the brim and velcro for the ears......
For those of you who live in very sunny areas and have dogs that spend a good amount of time outside, you might want to have your vet do an annual checkup for oral tumors, especially on the tongue. Oral squamous cell carcinoma seems to be on the rise in very sunny areas. (And if anyone has any ideas on how to protect a dog's tongue from sun damage, please let me know!)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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