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Ok, nothing all that exciting, but just some pics of Tootie from the summer so far :D A few are repeats, but most are new.

She has had a really bad underarm rash, she is on medicine now and it's improving, but a while back we put her in this T-shirt to keep her from scratching her pits to death:

A pillow we bought out of town:

With her buddy Marty, who lived in this house before we bought it:

Brian tormenting the dog (yes, it's my HUSBAND'S beer, not Tootie's!)


Walk? Did someone say WALK?

On the walk...

And a quick peek in the pool

And back to the patio

Wow, I'm exhausted from all that fun!

Isn't there anything GOOD to eat around here?

Ok Daddy, I'm ready for bed.

And, although I like to think of Miss Tootie as perfectly photogenic, not all the pics were winners.

Thanks for looking!


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Thanks for the comments, everyone, and for looking at the pics!
I just can't do enough to show how much I love my Tooter. She
is the light of my life. :D

I didn't have any pics with her, so finally her daddy took a few of me with her today.

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