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Summer fun with Bogie and needing some advice

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First off all, a few weeks ago marked Bogie's 2nd gotcha day! I've spent two years with this guy, and I cant imagine ever not having him around. To celebrate, we took him to an ice cream parlour not too far away that makes homemade ice cream, and doggie sundae's.

He wanted the ice cream more than the cookie spoon.

Licking every bit of ice cream from those droopy chops.

We also took him to a nearby beach on a lake, because he loves to run around in the sand.

He climbed to the top of a tall rock, and spent a few minutes checking out the view of the waves.

After some running back and forth with the waves, the basset five hundred began!

And of course, rolling in the sand followed.

I decided on getting him the Outward Hound life preserver, and it fits him pretty well, so thanks for the advice. I didn't have a chance to take a picture of him in it, because I was in the water with him. I wanted to have him practice swimming just in case he ever did fall off the boat next month. I carried him out past the waves, because he didn't seem to like the turning over, but once he was out there he calmed down and swam between my friends and I. Sometimes he would doggy paddle while we were carrying him too, which was pretty funny.

This weekend I went to check out a basset up for adoption in a local rescue all breed rescue to see if they needed any help from the basset rescue. And I fell in love. She's on the small side like Bogie, 35-40lbs. Stark white face, but the rest of her body is brown and black. One blue eye, one brown eye. She got along very well with Bogie and even cried when we finally had to leave. I was wondering how adding a second dog has gone for any of you. I'm not positive this is the right time to add a second dog, but I have been considering it for months now, and just hadn't met another one that really sparked my interest enough to seriously consider it.

My Bogie right now is housetrained, but he was terrified of a crate when I rescued him, so I never cratetrained him. He doesn't destroy anything on the house. When I go to work, he hops up on a bed and sleeps until I open the door when I come back home. Kelsey, the basset girl I'm interested in, is cratetrained, but is somewhat destructive if you leave her alone in the house outside of the crate. Particularly with towels, sheets, and other fabrics. I have a feeling this would be a problem. Even when we were just in the room and she was in the crate with Bogie out of the crate, the two of them were barking, and I can't have excessive barking in the house when no one is home. Any thoughts onto how this situation could be helped? Another issue is that when she is out of the crate, she's been used to a doggie door, but I would be taking her on regular walks.

Another issue is that she was recently pregnant, and I have no idea how to deal with the after effects of that. Long story short, she was turned into a kill shelter somewhere in Kentucky. Upon arrival, they went to spay her and realized she was about to have puppies in less than a week, but they continued what they were doing and she lost the puppies. However she had already made lots of milk. I believe this was about 3weeks ago. The foster she is currently with said they had made sort of a bra for her, because she was literally dragging on the floor when walking. The loose skin has shrunk down, and she is still losing milk. I was wondering what else may go on after a pregnancy.

Thanks a lot!
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