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We have a new basset puppy Rosco, and he has been a lot of fun and joy to have. I would have attached a picture but I keep getting errors while uploading them. This is our first dog (my wife's family had dogs but I was always a cat owner). I want to make sure I am training him appropriately. Rosco is about 4 months old now, and he has got the sit command down pretty well. Being a puppy he can be a little boneheaded sometimes but we are making good progress. House training is also going well via crate training.

I was researching some suggestions for ways to train your dog to do some basic commands and ran into a slight problem with teaching him to lay down. The technique I am trying to use is to have him on a leash or hook a finger into his collar and set a treat on the floor, then pull his head and body down until he accomplishes the task before rewarding him. The problem is that he is a basset hound, and I basically have to sweep his front legs out from under him if I want him to be laying down (he's too strong to just force down via the collar). Does anyone have any suggestions on other ways to train him for this?

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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