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Stupid Question

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Growing up I was always told "there were no stupid questions..." Well I proved them wrong many times and I'm about to do it again!

What is involved in a "Conformation Show" Does anyone know where I can get a complete list of requirements?

Harley, Hanna & Haley's Dad
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A conformation show is a competition where dogs are judged according to how closely they conform to the standard for their breed. Points are awarded toward a conformation Championship. At any given show, dogs compete against dogs and bitches compete against bitches, and one dog and one bitch earn points based on the number of other dogs and bitches that they defeat. Dogs and bitches that have already earned their Championships compete in a separate class for Best of Breed.

Your best source of information would be to connect with other basset and dog exhibitors in your part of the county. Find out where dog shows are and attend them.

Here's some info to get you started.

Basset Hound Breed Standard

AKC Events allows you to search for conformation events by state, date, club name, etc. This will let you know what shows are happening when in your part of the country.

A couple of useful books for conformation beginners are Dog Showing for Beginners by Lynn Hall and Show Me! by D. Caroline Coile. These should be available from Dogwise.
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At the end of June there's several conformation shows less than 100 miles from you and at the end of July there are shows practically in your back yard. :) If you have trouble finding them on the AKC website let us know.

The only requirements for entry would be to have an intact AKC registered dog/bitch or of foreign origin that meets certain requirements, that is at least 6 months old, and who is not deaf, blind, or changed in appearance by artificial means.

There are a few other exceptions/rules but this is basically it for AKC requirements.
Thank you so much.
I found everything I believe I need to know on the AKC site you all directed me to.

We still have some work to do with our dogs but will be attending the shows in Biloxi to get a feel for what is to be expected.
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