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stray dog

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Yesterday a loose dog turned up in our driveway, setting off a storm of barking from His Lordship. When we tried to approach her, she shied away and would have nothing to do with us. Today, I put some food out for her because her ribs are visible and clearly she's decided she likes our house, even if she's not too sure about US. All day she's been here off and on and I kept trying to coax her and she'd wag her tail but not let me pet her. Finally she approached His Lordship, who was cautious but not necessarily unwelcoming (though the barking storm kept up for a long while). Still she wouldn't let me come near. Not even for CHEESE.

Then, in the early evening, I was on the deck with George and she was in the drive and I spoke to her and called her "Gigi" (meaning it as "G.G." for Good Girl since we didn't know what to call her and thought if we kept telling her what a good girl she is she'd come to us) and suddenly she bounded up on the deck and came straight to me and it was Old Home Week. Wildly wagging tail, letting me pet her as much as I liked, leaning against me, sitting on my foot. I petted both her and His Lordship equally and told both what good poochies they are (don't want His Lordship getting jealous, you know) and she settled in as if to make herself at home. I came inside to do some stuff and left the back door open so I could keep an eye on them, and she and George started playing and roughhousing a bit, and when I thought they were getting too rough, I said "Play nice" and she obeyed instantly (even if His Lordship did not) and she even ventured into the kitchen a little ways a few times.

She seems to be at least part Weimeraner and isn't wearing a collar and the flies have simply FEASTED on her poor ears. She's far too thin and also dirty and the neighbors don't recognize her, either. I'm beginning to think she was dumped, poor baby. I'm no good at guessing dogs' ages, but there's no white around her muzzle at all and her teeth seem to be in good shape and still fairly white, so my admittedly uneducated guess is she's still young. If I can make friends with her and if she seems to get along with George and doesn't bully him, because he only comes to her armpits (and she seems to think it great fun to jump over him as if he were a hurdle in a race), we're going to take her in. I had to run an errand and there was no sign of her when I came back from that, but since I fed her I think she'll come back and is probably hanging around close by. We don't have a fenced yard or I'd have put her in it and kept her here. George always goes outside on a lead and has a very long one attached to the deck so he can romp around in between walks. I didn't want to put her inside with him unsupervised while I ran my errand so I had to leave her outside. I was afraid she'd freak or beat up George without me here to watch them together.

Dog experts, I don't have a photo yet, but let me describe her and see if anyone knows her breed. She's about the size of a Lab or retriever; reddish hair, very short and slick and shiny; her gums and the inner eyelids are the same color; her eyes are brown but a reddish brown; long tail but not bushy, it's as slick and shiny as the rest of her coat; and she's long-limbed and generally sort of sleek with shortish ears (not clipped, naturally). I looked at a web site and that's where I got the idea she's Weimeraner, but her eyes aren't gray or blue. Any ideas, anyone?
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Wow, you're good. LOL This dog that I found on the Web at puppydog web looks very much like her.

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I meet a Vizsla now and then, I never seen such a
high jumping dog. He stands and jump straight up
very high. Here a picture of him:

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I really don't want to rain on your parade, but that dog could have a micro chip. Maybe you could take her to your vet and get her scanned? She might have a family searching for her, they may have given up all hope of finding her long ago. If you don't the her first family, I hope it all goes well and you end up a big happy dog family!
Good Luck, Joan
She's gotten shy on us again and won't let us near her. If we can manage to tame her down and get her in the car, I'll do that, and I also intend to watch the classifeds and check back several days as well to see if someone's advertised for her. Based on her condition and how skinny she is, I'm thinking she's been on her own for quite a few days.
Good for you to help out a dog that doesn't have a home. With time (and treats), I'm sure she will trust you and come up. It seems to me that the poor thing has had a rough time living on her own. A couple of words of caution though; I would take her to the vet ASAP to make sure she doesn't have heartworms or any parasites as unfortunately most strays do. Good luck with her!!! Any name ideas yet?
She's finally decided we're okay and has spent the afternoon on the deck and has even been for a walk with us and George. I went and bought her a collar and we had a couple extra leashes. She walks very nicely, too. Didn't mind the lead at all and didn't yank my arm out of the socket. :lol: George is due for a checkup and his annual rabies shot anyway, so when I make his appointment, I'll set her up for one at the same time and we'll get her looked at. They can see if she has a microchip and I'll watch the paper for a lost ad, but my guess is she's been dumped and on her own for a while. She's a good 10 pounds underweight and she won't come in the house even for a weenie. George will do ANYTHING for a weenie. Coming inside seems to scare her, so I didn't force the issue. For now I suppose we'll have to tether her when we're not here or when we're inside and I hate to do that, but she can't run loose and we don't have a fence, so there's no other option until she can be coaxed inside.

As for names, yesterday I called her G.G. (short for "good girl") to get her attention and it worked like a charm. Her head popped up and she came right to me and let me pet her. This morning she was all shy again but this afternoon, she warmed up again and has been lying beside me or within reach for hours now, and when we call her that, she looks right at us. So I guess her name will be Gigi unless something better suggests itself. I told her she needs to tell me NOW if she doesn't like that name or it will stick. :D Anyone have a better idea? I'll post a photo in a little while.
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Here we go. Thank goodness she wasn't freaky about having her picture taken. I used to have a dog that simply went berserk when I did that.
Here she is on her own:

And with George:
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She looks sweet though skinny... Godd luck with her!
I don't think her color's right for a Vizsla. She looks kind of labbie--maybe a chocolate lab? But I really don't know from big dogs. :oops:
We've decided she's a chocolate Lab. I looked at a photo of a purebred on a Web site and it's her to the last detail. She's just young -- don't think she's QUITE full grown yet and definitely not filled out -- and we don't have any experience with Labs. So it took us a while to figure it out. I put blood stop powder on her poor ears, which she didn't like at ALL, but that always worked with other dogs we had who had flies after them. Anyone got a better idea for healing that up? It must hurt like the dickens, though she doesn't seem to be bothered.
She's got that lab musculature. I'd love to have a lab--they're quick learners and generally have great temperaments. :D
She's finally in the house. It took some doing, but she finally decided to come in when George did for the evening. Now she's exploring and sniffing and frankly, our place is pretty small. She ought to be able to memorize it in about 10 minutes. :lol: I'm guessing she's a champion counter-surfer and probably not house-trained (George taught our last female dog about that; I hope he teaches this one and doesn't regress instead). If we don't locate an owner -- and I didn't see her in Lost and Found -- then we seem to have acquired a new resident. I just hope she doesn't chew stuff up.
they're quick learners
This is usually true, but there are some exceptions to the rule. :p

Actually, labs and bassets do very well together; some people on this forum have this combination. Here are my two getting along great.

generally have great temperaments
Ike has tolerated an endless amount of annoying puppy behavior from Dixie, and he has not lost his temper even once.

I hope everything works out with your new friend. :D
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So far, so good. She's snoozing on the couch right now. :lol:
Glad to see Gigi is happy at her new home. She is a beautiful chocolate lab, its a shame to think someone turned her out. Happily, she found you and George :D
:lol: definitely lab! the bubbas and bubbesses of the doggie world.

Yogi is part-lab, at least half (we're pretty sure he's also rhodesian ridgeback, although as he gets older, the lab is dominating and it looks to me like he's got some golden retriever, too)

and Yogi's also got fear-aggression --- he was turned over to a rescue because he was supposedly aggressive --- but the nature of his fear aggression suggests to me he was left in a bathroom or otherwise pretty much completely isolated during the crucial socialization stage ...

... and i am certain the basic lab personality has been his saving grace. he would be a classic gentle giant, had he had better experiences as a pup. as it is, he IS a gentle giant with those he knows and loves.

he's also extraordinarily entertaining and fun loving.

Biscuit loved him and they were great friends! :)

in any case, lovely girl! George looks completely smitten! :lol:
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She is for sure a lab. We have our lab and our basset. They have had a few fights, they are only a year apart. However, overall they love each other to death!
So sad that she was on her own. Good luck with the new member. It sounds as if she may be there to stay!
She's definitely settled in. She's completely taken over the couch AND George's Bugs Bunny squeaky toy, which she's sort of treating the way a kid would treat a security blanket or teddy bear. George hasn't played with Bugs for months but he's not real happy that SHE has it. LOL He's even less happy about the couch. However, he hasn't offered to be aggressive or anything and really, neither has she. She played a little rough a couple of times yesterday but stopped as soon as one of us told her to. She slept through the night and in fact, we had a hard time getting her off the couch to go out this morning. Our theory is that she was homeless and on her own for so long she's resting up now that she has a soft couch and a couple of slaves who bring her treats to her in bed. :oops:

My problem now is that I have to go to work and I don't want to leave her unsupervised and loose in the house with George all day, but I also don't want her to think she's being evicted or punished. All we could come up with is to put her in the basement while we're gone and put a baby gate over the door to keep her there. The house is wide open with an open floor plan so I can't put her in the kitchen with a baby gate.
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