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Stinky mouth

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I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Buddy is 6 years old and his mouth has been getting progressively smellier. It's not bad breath, more like stinky drool. His bed, and anything else he lays on or rubs his face against, need constant washing. We get his teeth cleaned once a year and this helps for a couple of weeks. Cleaning his teeth at home only seems to help for a couple of hours. We've also tried dental chews/bones etc. He's a great dog otherwise.

Thanks for any help/advice!
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Lip Fold Pyoderma
When Mariah's acts up she ends up with fish breath,
FWIW liquid acne clensers with Benzoyl peroxide work well antibacterial and drying.
The first medication we got from the vet for her flip fold Pyoderma was a Benzoyl peroxide shampoo but it did not lather like tradition shampoo.

I look at benzoyl peroxide more as a treatment and drying and malseb/ malacetic wipes more as a preventive. BP does have side effect that can be damaging to the skin with prolonged use so we only use it when the odor issue comes up, it appears before the noticable red pustule (pimples) or green slime.

what I find interesting is she is as dry mouthed a basset as I have ever had you would think it would have been more common in the slobberier dogs but never a problem with them. Mayby all the drool acted to flush the surface clean
My vet suggested vagasil wipes for Boss Hogg's itchy,smelly problem around his mouth
Goes to point out not all are bacterial based some are yeast/fungal for which antibacteral treatments are rather useless and vice versa Getting a culture done would prevent any mistreatment and subsequent delay

As a side note the vagisil treatment should be a good one for the classic brown armpits many basset gets in the summer months.
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