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We give our hounds monthly baths and weekly ear cleanings. That usually helps keep the smell down. We also put cedar chips in their bedding. Some hounds can tolerate bathing more often but too frequent baths can dry out their skin. I would also recommend a bed with a removable/washable cover that can be washed (ideally on the same day as the bath). Also realize that the "Fritos corn chip" smell is a hallmark of the breed. Most basset owners become accustom to the smell over time. (some like me even like it)

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all hounds have a hound odor that is stronger than most other breeds but it should not be obnoxious, if it is either you are hyper sensitive or there is something else going on.

1. if there is a dead/rotten fish odor it is general either anal glands or a bacterial infection if gomming from the rear end of the dog then anal gland problem if from the head ear a ear infection, peridontial disease or lip foldg pyderma im which siliva, food debris and other debris gets cought in a fold or pocket of skin on the lower jaw. frequent wash this area works for most but not all dog, usiang an acne shampoo can speed up clearing the bacterial infection however for some dogs the only answer is surgery to eliminate the lip folds mariah had this surgery and made a world of difference in her breath but she was/is not a stinky dog.

The Frito smell especally if strong is not simply hound odor but a sign of a yeast infection often the ears but other common areas are the feet between the toes arm pits and the skin in general A yeast infection is not normal for a most and often results in itchyness and stink. Without solving the underlying cause the problem will simply keep reappearing often getting worse. the most common cause of yeast infection are allergies and a skin condition known as seborrhea which result in general oily coat and dandruff in most basset but there is a dry varriety as well where the coat is dr if the dog has dandruff sheborrhea is the likely cause of the odor. There is no cure the only solution is frequent bathing more than once a week with an anti-seborrheaic shampoo like selsun blue or one containing coal tar. The require a minimun of 15 minutes of sjin contact time, when using any sort of shampoo therapy the most import thing is to rinse thourghly it should take longer to rinse than shampoo. the idea is to rinse untill no soap is visable and rinse again. It is not the shampooing that drys out skin it is leaving the residual of the shampoo in the coat and in contact with the skin.

That said when working through dermalogical issues it is general best to employ the help of a vet that specializes in dermatology enve though they are often more expensive to consult the problem gets resolved much quicker and with less error and expense in the long run

find a dermatologist

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It's funny, I hate the smell of Fritos but I love the Houndy smell of my dogs (Winston is worse than Molly and he really only smells when he's warm from sleeping). Embrace the smell :)

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speaking of, he-hoomin came home at lunch and we had a power nap together
i nuzzled up next to his work pants and he left for the office well-rested, but smelling like hound. bwaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Some people have reported a reduction in the odor after switching to a corn-free food. Worth a try.

But yeah, bassets do have their own "ambiance".

I don't smell anything

When you enter somebody's front door
Where you've not been invited before
Your nostrils may twitch
To a stimulus which
It is only polite to ignore

It is faintly or pungently found
Any place that has Bassets around
And stinkily scenty
To all cognoscienti
Betokens the genus of hound

Fastidious folk soon get tired
Of the odor when deeply respired
To all but the strong
The Basset Hound pong
Is a taste very slowly acquired

Antiseptic deodorant foam
Can't stop it corroding the chrome
Defying detergent
It triumphs resurgent
As part of the fabric of home.

When all that you own is imbued
With that which your Bassets exude
Blow your nose like a trumpet
And like it and lump it
Or live in a tent in the nude

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We have been recently been using Vet's Remedy Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Shampoo that we get at petsmart, it's a purple bottle. It smells like Aveda shampoo! We use it 2x month on my Snickers, sometimes go 3 weeks. I also have her on a no corn dog food, merrick, and there is a noticeable difference. When she goes to grandma's to stay on occasion for a couple of weeks if we travel, and eats other food that grandma's dog eats, she smells terrible when we pick her up, very strong hound odor. When Snickers gets a yeast infection in her ear she smells worse.

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hahaha, Mrs. Soundtrack. that is a funny poem ^_^

I get bathed once/week with mild shampoo because i go to daycare & run around the schoolyard a lot. like Doppler & Virga, I also get my ears cleaned once/week after my bath.

Not sure if i smell like what ur basset smells like. some former basset owners say i don't smell 'bassety' but who knows for sure? Like Mikey said, if it's the really foul smell, that smells like fish, that's more likely to be stuff that comes out of the anal glands. that would be a different issue.

My people try to minimize the "doggy" smell of the apartment, so they open the windows & patio doors a lot, wash my beddings once/month, and light some scented candles-- seems to help.

good luck & welcome. even if we r a bit stinky, we r very, very sweet.
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