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STILL Potty Training

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Apologies in advance if this has been asked before. Bonnie is a year and a half old and potty training is still not totally clicking with her. She’s 100% healthy and has zero other behavioral issues. Bonnie, has and effectively uses potty bells 90% of the time and is able to sleep through the night or spend long days in her crate without incident. When outside of her crate, however, she signals to go outside at least once an hour. She pees (even if just a tiny bit) every time we go out and will pee inside of we I do not take her right away. She also chooses not to ring her potty bells when I am sleeping. the only way we get through the days without incident is if I take her out every hour, keep her on her leash in others’ apartments, and crate her whenever I am showering, cooking, sleeping, etc. I am soon moving to a 4th floor apt and would like to decrease the amount of times I will need to take her outside. I would also, ideally, like to take her to others’ homes and not have to worry about her peeing. Any advice would be lovely!
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Our basset is 10 months old now, and we had this issue with her when we were trying to get her to space out her bathroom breaks - she would instead just pee on the floor in between going outside to pee (we also live in an apartment building) - I realized we just had to accept the mini stages of understanding - each time she would pee in the house, at first I would put her in her crate after scolding her but then realized she wasn’t getting it because she would then pee somewhere inside and then go to her crate - so then I would just scold her, but have her stay out of her crate. She had a few accidents in the hallway / stairs / elevator but each time there was a learning moment and she improved her understanding and ability to space out her need to pee. Now I take her out 4 times a day, at regular intervals and she’s doing great. So I guess my suggestion would be to start the process of spacing out the pee breaks understanding that your pup will make mistakes and those are opportunities to help her understand - a lot of it is just training them to not pee at every single urge to pee that they have. Also make sure you praise her when you take her out and she pees - this is super important and makes a big difference.
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