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Stickers Won This Round!

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I am having so much fun with now that I know how to video them! I think Stickers won this round!

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They are so cute, but very quiet! When Sadie & Spencer used to play like that, there was alot of "talking" going on! :)
Love it!

I have to agree if my two were that quiet I'd be in heaven. Nice video ;)

They really are good dogs. SO quiet most of the time. The only time they bark is when the doorbell rings. They love to play with each other & their toys but are very well behaved. Most people who visit can't believe how well behaved they are. When someone comes into the house they both come up to you, go into a sit and greet you. It still makes me laugh that they walk in a double line :D :D
They are so cute. And Rusty is a good sport. Stickers certainly was enjoying herself. I just love her markings. She almost looks like she is wearing a saddle. Cute!
Great video, Patti!! Way to go Stickers, we women need to keep those guys in their place! :lol: They look like they are having such a great time together. How lucky you were to find a great "duo" when you decided to get another Basset. :) The old saying "Two's company" sure applies to Rusty and Stickers. :)
I'm sure Stickers would win every tussle if she wanted to. :)
Can we get a video of some howling?
My kids are REALLY quiet! The only time they howl is sometimes in the middle of the night! Thankfully, we stopped that! Other than that, they never howl. They really are quiet hounds. Even when playing their quiet. Rusty will moan when I rub him and Stickers does this kind of "squeak" when she sees us first thing in the morning. I'll try to capture that on video.

I really do have great kids!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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