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Standing Up

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Anyone ever see their basset stand up like this? The video link I posted is of Maggie doing it a couple of years ago. I haven't been able to snap a picture or video in time lately. She does this allllllll the time. Excuse the excitement in my voice in the video... that was the first time I had ever seen her do it. :)

Maggie Sitting on her Back Legs - YouTube

Also, here's a picture of her doing it around the same time I took the video. Like I said, she does it all the time but I can never get my phone in time to snap a pic before she hears me and sits back down. haha


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Awww, SophieB, whatta bummer!
I was wondering why I hadn't seen those cute Lucy & Lottie videos lately.

Detective Worm looking around the internet: consensus seems to be that there is no actual person you can talk to, no actual customer support. The bottom of this thread shows how you can dispute a suspension. What if you tell them you're really, really sorry for what happened, you didn't know, but you would really like to have just the puppy videos back???

although deleted, i bet it is there somewhere. it's just a matter of convincing someone at youtube to retrieve them for you.

How to contact YouTube. - YouTube Help

hmmm... looks like youtube was bought by Google. we know a coupla peeple who work at Google. We also live near their headquarters in San Bruno... we'll let you know if we find anything else...
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Tiggy-- so cute!!
hey man, how was ur parteee?

SophieB-- mebelieves the trick is to find someone at Google or Youtube who is a **doglover.** we'll start asking around for u...
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