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Standing Up

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Anyone ever see their basset stand up like this? The video link I posted is of Maggie doing it a couple of years ago. I haven't been able to snap a picture or video in time lately. She does this allllllll the time. Excuse the excitement in my voice in the video... that was the first time I had ever seen her do it. :)

Maggie Sitting on her Back Legs - YouTube

Also, here's a picture of her doing it around the same time I took the video. Like I said, she does it all the time but I can never get my phone in time to snap a pic before she hears me and sits back down. haha


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Sooo cute!!! Our Lottie has done that (as well as being able to sit for absolutely ages) since she was about 5 months old. Lucie does it too now and again, but being a bit longer in the body, she can't sit for very long and I try not to encourage Lucie from doing it in case she hurts her back but Lottie does it constantly!!

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Ohh SophieB, love those pictures!! So cute!!

I forgot I had a pic of my dad's beagle/basset, Abbi, doing this. I remember she was begging for something he was eating... she does this whenever he is eating. haha We don't call her "Abbinoxious" for nothing! :p
Soooo cute!!!! :D
"Sitting Pretty" can be a dangerious trick to teach a basset and not for the obvious reason. My mother tried to teach Toughy (worlds slowest agility dog) this trick . On the first attempt he fell over bacwards, no he was not hurt, but from that day forward it was obvious she could not be trusted and he never listened to her again, unless of course she had his food bowl in her hand,
Mikey, we never taught Lottie how to sit... she just started it one day at around five months of age one night when all three were in for their supper biscuits and she just kept on doing it. I would never try and teach a dog to do that, especially if it wobbled over... Lottie never even wobbles and always looks like she was born to sit up... she can even turn around without falling over. No matter where we are, Lottie's up like a shot! One day in the park a lady stopped to speak and she put her hand in her pocket to presumably give her own dog a treat to shut him up as he was barking and Lottie immediately hopped up on her bum.

She sits peeping over the top of the dinner table when we are eating (her bum sitting comfy in her kitchen bed) if we're having a barbecue in the garden she props herself up and moves around everyone... there's just no stopping her! A previous Basset we had back in the 80s and who lived to 15.5 years always did it and she came to no harm and lived to a good age until she succombed to the dreaded C word!!!
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oh mikey, first you tease our dogs about not having "parts" and then you tell us women we have big hips. tisk tisk!
Puppy-bearing hips, maybe? :D

Edit: Here's a clip of Lucie and Lottie having some treats and Lottie sitting and catching for much of the time.

I used to have masses of clips of them but have lost them all as YT banned me for copying a couple of BBC clips from Glastonbury and they reckoned they warned me but I didn't get any warnings, then suddenly one day I couldn't get on and they had banned me!

During a bad thunderstorm we lost our electric as something got struck nearby and because of a power surge I lost all the pictures, videos etc that weren't backed up and all my Basset clips for many months are still somewhere within YTube. I got back on through having a new internet provider so a new address but am gutted to have lost all my puppy videos.

Does anyone know how I could get all my clips of my beloved dogs back from YTube please (or how to be 'unbanned')? :(
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Very cute video!

If they banned you, would that mean they might have taken your legit videos down, too? Have you tried contacting them to see if they would unban you long enough to get your videos?
SophieB - Maybe if you contact youtube, they can help you get your videos?
I don't have a 'proper' contact address and whenever I have tried to contact them via their so-called "help" section, I just keep getting standardised replies and no help whatsoever!

All of my puppy videos, where they played together in the garden, were uploaded to YouTube from the day we got the pups until around 8 months old and I have lost every one of them because we had a computer problem during a thunderstorm and a power spike (?) wrecked our PC and we lost several months worth of pics and videos.

Because I knew my pup videos were on YouTube I thought they were safe and I could watch them at any time and because I uploaded a couple of Glastonbury clips, YouTube suspended' my account saying they'd warned me previously but I have no record of any warnings. There are loads of clips from the TV on YT so why did they pick on me?

I don't care about the music clips I made at loads of gigs I went to, I just desperately want my puppy clips but I have no idea how I can contact YouTube direct to ask... all I can see is the usual 'standarised' questions, to which I get the same old replies!!!!

PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP ME CONTACT YT direct, to ask if I can have my puppy clips back? They are my property, after all!
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Thanks Wworm and it would be so good if someone from Google could intervene as these were/are the only video clips of my puppies playing together as they were all together on the PC drive that was absolutely wrecked by the power spike (?) in a sudden lightning storm.

Charady2, If I try and log on, I get this message "Account disabled, please use a different email."

I have PMd you, Wworm...
Awww Tiggy is so gorgeous in the sitting pose!!!

SophieB-- mebelieves the trick is to find someone at Google or Youtube who is a **doglover.** we'll start asking around for u...
Aww THANKS, Worm... and I would be eternally grateful if anyone could find a doglover at YT, especially as some of the clips are of our gorgeous old lady Basset who sadly died of the dreaded C word, just three days before our puppy sisters were born (unknown to us) and it would just be sooo good if we could have our beloved doggy clips back... they mean absolutely nothing to anyone at YouTube or Google and are so personal to me. xx
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