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This might be a weird question, but I think from reading the posts over the years that many of you have multiple dogs and many of them are in kennels as compared to just crashing on the living room couch.

I am thinking about doing some remodeling that will give the dogs a room of their own, but with access to the house. I want to break the area up so each dog can have it's own space without having to use cages. I am considering some type of "barrier" (not a full wall) between each space - but haven't really decided on anything yet.

My question is - how much space does anyone recommend per dog? To reflect on Goldilocks, I don't want them too big, or too small but just right.

The big reason for doing this is to be able to have separate areas for various combinations of dogs. I'll be able to shut this room off from the rest of the house so that some can have the free run of the house and others of this room when I am gone. I don't have any probelms with dogs that need to be contained to keep others safe, but someone does occassionally take offense at something.

Thanks for any advice.
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