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Spring Allergies

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I'm already booked to see the vet, but was curious if anyone has had similar symotoms with their basset, and if I am totally off the mark in thinking that Sebi is having reactions to the blooms bursting out.

About a week or so ago, Sebi started scratching at his sides. He had no behavioural changes, and he certainly wasn't off his food. I keep him up to date on his Advantix doses, but checked him thoroughly for fleas/ticks - and that wasn't an issue. After seeing him scratch a bit more the next two days, I worried that he had romped through something on one of our 'off road' hikes (nettles, poison oak) so I gave him a good long bath with medicated shampoo to make certain I took any skin irritants off. Now mind, he is only scrathing on his flanks (both sides) lightly about once an hour. There didn't seem to be any infetions on his skin, and he wasn't scratching so hard that he was harming himself.

I noitced that his eyes were watering a bit more than usual, and he sneezed a few times. That's when I decided he was allergic-we're in an area where all of the bushes & grasses are now in full bloom. Again, he's not in any pain or put out, but I want to do something if I can. The vet tech who booked my appointment immediately said 'allergies', but understood that yes I wanted to fork over $30 for a 10 second office visit so the doc could look at him and say 'allergies' herself :lol:

Is there anything to be done for Sebi, or will he just have to wait it out like us two-legged ones?
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One of my dogs and I have been to hell and back with allergies. It started with seasonal allergies, progressed to year round, and then she got to the point where she couldn't sleep because she spent literally all her time scratching. Finally ended up putting her on daily steroids, and we've never looked back. She's 15 years old and spryer and more alert than my two 9 year olds.

That said, hopefully your dog won't have as difficult a course. The main thing is to keep them comfortable and to prevent the itch-scratch cycle from taking hold. Good luck! :)

Inhalant Allergies

Itch Relief
Thanks, Betsy. Sebi's now on antihistamenes & finger's crossed - they will do the trick. If nothing else, he is *delighted* over the addition of small helpings of liverwurst with his meals, despite their pilly center.
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