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sperm count in older males

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Question? Is there a age in a hounds life that the live sperm count naturally drops from normal?
Has there been a study that concludes for instance at around the age of 5 years the count starts dropping?
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Ranger is seven years old, his last litter sired had only 3 pups.The vet wants a sperm sample to run a test.
My interest in artificial insemination,semen collection,frozen semen storage.Is the next step in my education as a breeder.
I`m looking into going back to school(god is that scary)my friends keep saying follow your dreams but major debt on top of saving for kids college would scare almost anyone.
Betsy I was thinking about Vet Tec.
My love for animals has me hungry to learn more about taking care of them.
I know, my wife informed me of the low income of Vet techs.She gave me the (Lets be realistic speech)computers and medicine thats where the jobs of the future are needed.
I have a good business painting homes,I turn wealthy peoples homes into show houses.I have a talent for working with people and have been rewarded by a good income.
I have a dream that I will allways be involved with my hounds.I have a dream that I will be able to assist breeders in the artificial insemination process.I have a dream I will make my Father proud with Hounds of good health and stature.
I see great promise in the collection of semen from young studs to store for a later date.
Before my Aunt Mayme died she told me that she was afraid there was something that she should have done and did not do in her life.She laughed and said (I must have got old and forgot what it was....probably some crazy dream).
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1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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