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sperm count in older males

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Question? Is there a age in a hounds life that the live sperm count naturally drops from normal?
Has there been a study that concludes for instance at around the age of 5 years the count starts dropping?
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Originally posted by mwfulkerson:
my friends keep saying follow your dreams but major debt on top of saving for kids college would scare almost anyone.
Hey, join the crowd. I spend hours every day chewing my nails over school debt! There's even iVillage forums for people like us! :D
Yes, really Menzie.

Problem is, I'm too freaked out about it all to join them! So I have no idea really what goes on in them -- I just know they exist and everytime I go look at them, everyone's even more freaked out than me :D

Sure explains why there are so many lifetime students in the world. Makes it very tempting to find a way to just keep getting advanced degrees til you hit the magic age of 65. :D I have three or four I'm considering at this very moment. ;)
Michael - I think the fact that you have a hunger to learn more about the care of the critters means that you'd end up being pretty good at it AND pretty happy doing it. :)

I don't know anything about the vet field or what all's available, but if it were me, I'd just start looking around to see what the possibilities are.

One thought that strikes me, though --- which may or may not be useful for you --- you've had the ability to acquire a lot of experience and knowledge because of your father and what you've been doing most of your life. You have certain kinds of knowledge that I bet you don't even know you have. And I'd wager you'd be able to be even more helpful in some kind of university extension services. Ag college, IOW. :D

Just a thought and maybe completely inappropriate, but it's what's popped in my mind everytime I've read your message.
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Around here, any kind of medical and most computer stuff is down the tubes, and likely will be for a long time. Essentially, everyone decided medical and computers were the way to go --- so everyone went to school and got medical and computer training and now there's way too many of them. I don't think our situation here is unusual.

If your area is anything like this area, I think if you went for some kind of specialized RN, you'd likely be okay. I'd stay away from computers though!

Me, I want you to work for your local extension and be one of those people who puts together helpful handbooks and puts on animal fairs and figures out weird doggie problems. :)
It depends on what you do, tiny. There's a demand here for specialized or experienced RN's but a concurrent refusal to pay for them ... meaning there are a few jobs for pretty specialized RNs but most of the RNs are already taken.

Most jobs here are for nurses' aides, techs, etc. because the hospitals, etc. don't want to pay for nurses. Not to mention, they're not too crazy about paying for the aides, etc. But there are now nurse's aides, etc., by the billions here.

This isn't a particular good state to end up in the hospital in, BTW.

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