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My keyboard is acting up, so apologies if this is goofy.

Lady, my perfectly giant German Shepherd girl, has some incontinence. She has spay incontinence, which means that she leaks urine. I have a bed which is easily washed which has made it possible for her to stay in the house and with the rest of us. Stress seems to lessen the frequency, too.

She is also beginning to develop some bowel incontinence. I am pretty certain it's related to her dysplasia, which is pretty bad. Fortunately, her poopies are quite firm --- and my floor is a wreck anyway.

If you don't have carpeting, dealing with the incontinence really isn't any big deal. Be sure to get a Swiffer, one that you can load with the solution. And try new beds, something you can throw in the washer. Lady's is makeshift. I ended up filling it with stuffing from some pillows, and every time I get a new pillow, I put the stuffing from an old one in it. It has a plain canvas cover - nothing fancy by any means, but she loves it and it's very easy to just throw in the washer.

Sorry to hear this about Spencer. :( But it sounds like he's in good hands.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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