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Spencer & I are looking to trade houses...

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Ok, I'll be honest, that wish is mine. Spencer loves the stuff! We got about 4-5 inches overnight with several more inches expected later today and then a layer of ice on top of that. While I enjoy the day off work (I'm a teacher) I don't enjoy the shoveling and the cold. Spencer doesn't seem to mind and the snow always brings out the puppy in him.

Here he is digging around looking for his tennis ball.

Found it!

Waiting for me to throw the tennis ball.

Pfffttt. ;)

That was fun. :)

He's snuggled in bed now, but surprisingly wide-awake. I'm guessing we'll be back out in the snow before the day is over!
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Looks like Spencer really enjoyed himself. 2 quick stories: 1. Last Tuesday there was a threat of snow in my area. Schools closed (I also being a teacher was quite happy), but then NO SNOW AT ALL! 2. My grandparents who live in New York have had constant snow. They haven't thawed out yet since winter started it just keeps re-freezing. Luckily you don't have to deal w/ would be in store for lots of make-up days.

Yes, I like the snow days, but not the idea of making them up! I work for the city schools, and in my 21 years with them, have never had to make up a day (we get 5 "calamity" days and they don't close frequently). Today is our 4th "calamity" day off - we had 3 days off in September after the freak wind storm that blew through Cincinnati left power out for up to 1 week in some areas. The ice has just started to fall & they are still predicting more snow, so I'm guessing we will be off tomorrow too. I'll take it & Spencer will be happy for the company, but that's all I want!
Your Spencer is just so wonderful! I just love that guy! He always seems to have a smile on his face :D
He sure looks like one happy boy and so handsome!
How are things working out for Spencer? I think I remember reading you were having some separation issues with him?
Yogi's mom, yes, Spencer was having some separation anxiety after we had to put my mom in adult daycare. Spencer took Clomicalm for one month, but I only noticed a very small improvement with it. In addition, he wasn't responding to the training that was suggested to go along with it. Honestly, I've never had much luck with training him. He is incredibley stubborn and has his own agenda! A neighbor agreed to let him out everyday while I am at work & that has worked out well. She likes Spencer very much, and vice-versa (she's the lady who gives him a treat every time we walk & pass her house) and some days she will spend some time with him besides just letting him out to potty. I do believe Spencer's problems go beyond separation anxiety though, as when I was off work for winter break and got to spend some extra time with him, I noticed some strange behaviors - pacing, panting, going from a deep deep sleep to up & barking in an instant for no reason I could see, among others. Then the most disturbing behavior - on more than one occasion he has forgotten to come in after going out to potty. One night when he didn't return after about 10 minutes I went looking for him & found him stretched out in the yard sound asleep. The temperature was in the teens. His vet thinks he is showing signs of canine cognitive dysfunction or doggie alzheimer's as I call it. The vet prescribed Anipryl, which he has been taking for almost a month now. I've noticed some small improvements, such as a decrease in the pacing and panting. He also seems to be generally calmer about being left, though I'm not sure if that is due to the medication or the neighbor letting him out daily. I've decided to keep him on the Anipryl for another month and re-evaluate the situation then. The fact of the matter is, my boy is getting old. :( But, he does still seem to enjoy life & I certainly cherish him. Sorry this was so long, but hey, thanks for asking!
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I love his pictures and how happy he looks. I'm glad he is doing better. I would have offered to trade our blue skies and 80 degrees... but it iced last night and is quite chilly today... though we will warm again by the weekend!
We got mostly ice with an inch or two of snow on top, and I can't believe we still have power. Lightning is so uninterested in the snow. Maybe if I go outside... I love Spencer. He always looks so happy. I'm sorry to hear about his difficulties, especially the forgetting to come inside. How old is he?
Lightning & Stomps, Spencer is 12, & will be 13 in June. Physically he is great. The few problems he has (arthritis & a sphincter problem that led to urine leakage) are both well-controlled with medication. And, he's a happy guy. I'm just having to make some adjustments around the house to deal with the cognitive issues, especially the not coming back inside on his own in this weather! I've also found that he seems better, more settled when he gets lots of exercise. So, we have been walking through this winter, pretty much no matter what the weather. We just now came back in from a short walk. It has finally stopped snowing, but the challenge now is getting through it - we got about 8-10 inches of a combination of snow & ice. It makes walking difficult when your legs are only 5 or so inches tall! ;)
Just look at that beautiful coat he is wearing. Just a gorgeously happy bassett! :rolleyes: Unfortunately my back yard looks the same as yours. Sorry I can not help you out. LOL!
I am so glad to hear that you have seen some improvements with Spencer. How wonderful that your neighbor comes over to spend time with him and let him out to potty. Keep us posted on how he is doing on the medicine.
Keep posting pictures as well, I just love seeing pictures of him as he always looks like such a happy boy! :)
Spencer has the sweetest face! It's good that he is happy and doing better.

I have a little Australian silky terrier who has a lot of the same symptoms that you described with Spencer. She's also losing her hearing. It's sad to see them get this way. She's still as happy as can be though!
EccentricGirl, I thought Spencer was losing his hearing too, because he stopped meeting me at the door when I came home. When he sees me, he reacts, but acts as though he doesn't hear me. He also doesn't always respond when I call his name. I mentioned it to the vet who gave him a "hearing test." He made noises of different pitches and volumes behind Spencer, and Spencer reacted to all of them. The vet seems to think him not responding to me calling him and coming home until he sees me is a sign of cognitive dysfunction - he hears me, but it does not register anymore what the sound is. It is sad watching them grow old, but like your girl, he is still a happy dog. He doesn't know he has doggy alzheimer's!
Spencer is one handsome fella. I just love his colouring.
Spencer is 12, & will be 13 in June. Physically he is great. The few problems he has (arthritis & a sphincter problem that led to urine leakage) are both well-controlled with medication.[/b]
What medication is Spencer on? Princess Buttercup is only a year and a half and has had UTI after UTI. The vet thinks that she might be leaking tiny amounts of urine and suggested starting her on Proin.

Is anyone else familiar with Proin? Our vet stated it can make her hyper... which made me giggle. "Oh, so she'll act like a regular dog?" So far... no hyperactivity! <_<

But, we have noticed that she's more anxious around strangers. Since we're training her to be a therapy dog, that is sort of a problem.[attachment=620:pbc_tree.JPG]

Here's our pretty girl! When I was taking the photo she was so busy sniffing, I had to shake the tree to get her to look up!

Thanks in advance for all of your help!


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