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For me, and I'm not a vet, early onset fitting is more likely to be epilepsy. Later on, there are many things that could cause seizures. I have to say epilepsy isn't unknown in Bassets - and it does tend to run in certain bloodlines, it being usually hereditary (epilepsy). I think you do need to tell whoever bred your hound - I used an outside stud dog for what was my final litter and later on, when the dog was about 8, heard he'd been put down after he started having seizures. Alone it wasn't other than a worry, to me. Then I heard the same thing had happened to his mother, at about the same age. Doing more research, I found enough to suggest to me that it was there, on his mother's side. Although the only connection between the dog and my line was on his sire's side (via Tal e Ho actually) I made the decision not to allow the male we'd kept to be used at stud, and spayed his sister who we'd also kept. Thus ending our bloodline. I just felt the buck had to stop somewhere. Actually neither of them fitted throughout their lives - we lost both to cancer when in their 12th, and 13th years.

Unfortunately true epilepsy can skip generations so if this does turn out to be epilepsy again the breeder should know so she doesn't ever do this pairing again.

Obviously from the answers you've had here already, this is around in the breed which is sad. It's also there in Bloodhounds and I do wonder whether the use of that breed, years ago, has left a legacy. :confused:

I hope the news suggests this is just a one-off with your hound - and know it's more distressing for the owner, than the dog. If it happens again, making sure he's somewhere thrashing around can't injure him, stay clear - dogs in a fit could bite as they are out of it. You do need to make sure he comes out of the fit however...... I saw this in a neighbour's dog who had heat-stroke. He didn't despite her vet's best efforts, and had to be pts.
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