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Spencer at the Bridge - 8/19/10

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I've not been a frequent visitor lately & I know there are lots of new "faces" here, but I thought some of the "old" timers might be interested to know that Spencer joined Sadie at the Rainbow Bridge yesterday, 8/19/10. In early July, I noticed a small bump on the top of his head. Long story short, it turned out to be cancer. By the time it was diagnosed, it had already gone through his skull bone & entered the sinus below. Even though the tumor grew rapidly, Spencer didn't seem to know it was there & continued on happily. This past Sunday he started to show the first signs of discomfort & it was obvious his vision was being affected. So, as with Sadie, the vet came to my house to send him to the Bridge. In true Spencer fashion, he was a happy boy up to his last day, even wagging his tail at the vet & technician. I kept telling Spencer he was going to see Sadie, and I like to think she welcomed her little brother. After Sadie died, I planted a flower bush in my backyard in her memory. This particular bush is a heavy bloomer in early to mid summer. For the last few weeks, it's not had more than 3 flowers on it. This morning when I looked out the window, the bush was in full bloom, which is really unusual at this time of the summer for this type of bush. It was as if Sadie was happy & telling me her brother arrived safely.

Here's a picture of my boy, just a few weeks before the tumor appeared.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear Spencer. My thoughts are with you. :(
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