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spaying important lesson learned

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Well I learned a very important lesson in the last 2 weeks. I should of had Brandy spayed before her first heat. So I just wanted to share this and I know with show dogs they can't be spayed. But if you are just having your female basset as a companion spaying before the first heat can save you from what we have just gone through. I hope the moderators don't mind that I am posting this, and if it is deleted I won't be upset, but if I can save a new basset or any breed owner the pain I have gone through and what my Brandy has gone through I had to offer this advise. Brandy is okay for now, but her mammary tumor was malignant and if we had spayed her earlier then we did she probably wouldn't be going through this ordeal. Every season she went through added to the percentage of the chance to get mammary cancer. I honestly didn't know this.
I posted earlier about a possible cancer mass by reading that you can see the pain we have gone through. I am very hopeful Brandy will be with us for several more years. But I will never make the same mistake again I will spay or neuter as soon as safe to do so.

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Very Well said. It doesn't hurt to repeat something that many of us think everyone knows. Spaying or neutering is so important. It does avoid a lot of heartache.
Best of Luck with Brandy and whatever treatment she'll receive.
Nothing like hearing someone's personal experience to ' ram home a truth'. So glad your Brandy has a better outlook now. :)
Just had Tina spayed on Wednesday. I had heard about this before and that was one of the reasons we decided to go ahead with the op despite her recently being diagnosed as epileptic.
I'm so glad things worked out so well for you. As I mentioned in your other post, I lost a beloved dog to mammarian cancer. She was the doggie love of my life. I didn't get her until she was 10 years old, and the person who had her before me hadn't spayed her until she was five or so because she wanted to breed her (typical back-yard breeder). Even though Chablis was 14 when I had her euthanized due to the cancer, I can't help but believe that if she'd been spayed earlier I would have had her for at least another year or two. So I agree with your comments wholeheartedly, and I hope that those who didn't know about the spaying/mammarian cancer link will seriously consider spaying their dogs as early as possible.
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