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Snoopy and I stayed at my parents house last night as we are house sitting (they've gone to Italy on holiday).

Snoops followed me everywhere, even more than usual as it was new surroundings I guess. She followed me upstairs and a little later I popped downstairs to get our over night bag. I asummed she's just stay upstairs and wait for me to return as she doesnt go down stairs ever.

To might delight she slowly came down as if she has done it a hundred times before! I was so shocked and praised her for about 5 minutes!!

She done it five times in total now since last night! She's finally got rid of her fear :eek: or she's realised that lifting her is getting too much of a struggle for me now that she's so heavey! :rolleyes:

Just thought I'd share.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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