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Sorta new here

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Hi everyone! I was on the board a couple of years ago. Due to computer and job situations I was not able to log on. So here is my (our) re-introduction. My husband and I addopted two Bassets four years ago. Sadie is a 5 yr old tri and Toby is a 5 yr old red and white (not related to each other). Even though we did research on Bassets and knew that is we wanted, we didn't know much about dogs in general. We were surprised to discover that they were not fixed. Two months later a our Zoey and Jake were born. Boy, did we learn a lot in those two months!!! Jake and Zoey are now 4yrs old. Jake is a tri like his mom and Zoey is chocolate brown and white. She was the runt and Jake was the only boy. We are so happy and blessed to have these babies in our life. (these are our only children :D ) I'll try to post pictures when I figure it out. Thank you for sharing your pictures and stories.

Bassets Rule!

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Bassetbrigade, I think I remember you. The screen name sure sounds familiar, welcome back!

You have four very pretty hounds there. :) Two is plenty for us, and I think the neighbors would run us out of town if we got any more!

You must attract a lot of attention at the dog park, and I bet you get a lot of questions too.
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