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Merlin developed a cyst last summer. It came up very suddenly. I took him to the vet who said, "It's probably just a cyst" and took a fluid sample from it for analysis. It was OK. We decided to leave it rather than have it surgically removed. A couple of weeks later, it suddenly grew quite large (almost the size of an egg) and I made another vet's appointment. The night before we were to go, I touched it to make sure it was still there and still so large. It was sticky and oozing. When we took him in the vet recommended removal. She said that normally they wouldn't remove it, but if it opens up, it probably won't heal and would likely get infected. We had it removed and although it wasn't cancerous or anything to worry about, it was much larger on the inside than was expected.

He has 2 other cysts and has had them for over a year. They haven't shown any sign of change.
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