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Something is wrong with little Ruby's nostril!

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At first I thought it was dust on her left nostril but now we know it's not. She won't let us get near it. Seems almost to be fungal of sorts?? It's greyish in color. She's still taking antibiotics for the UTI.

Does this sound familiar? I'll take her to the vet this week.

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Ruby is still to keep taking the clavamox for that bad UTI she had.....and it seems as tho the nose junk is dried up old boogers, I kid you not!!! It had gotten stuck and turned into a slight infection.

I now take a soft cloth, moisten it with warm water and chase her around the house to wipe her nose. Vet also said to use Little Noses decongestant one spray in each nostril for 3 days only. You should have seen me trying to get the one and only spray into her nose. That was it for that! :lol: I ended up on my butt after she ran under my legs to get away from me.

The crusts done seem as bad and I'm sure it's from wiping the Queen's nose!

Janice and little Ruby
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